The global fight against AIDS has become a synonym for reaching the impossible. The hard work of lobbying, advocacy and vigilance paid off. Interest in the developed world from both media and donors translated into increased public consciousness thereby successfully raising awareness, funding and ultimately treatments. This resulted in setting the global 90-90-90 targets. As ambitious as they may seem, it will not lead to the end of AIDS.

There are still 17.2 million people living with and dying from HIV/AIDS with occurrence rates in various communities on the rise. The broad scale-up efforts are currently not reaching key groups vital to achieving the Global Goals. Global funding for HIV is under pressure.

We have to up our game and use our collective experience and creativity to be smarter, better and more targeted in our response. At the Joep Lange Institute we believe part of the answer lies in unique and unprecedented opportunity technology provides to reach and include everyone. Today’s technologies allow us to be highly targeted and to enhance the quality of prevention and treatments in ways it was impossible years ago.

During AIDS2018  the Joep Lange Institute will host a series of events to challenge, inspire and activate participants to, based on the lessons learned and the development of these new technologies, start the discussion on the re-energized AIDS response.

  • Join us at the Joep Lange Institute pre-conference on 22 July, hosted by Chairs Mark Dybul, Nduku Kilonzo and Lillian Mworeko titled. Key stakeholders will unpack the many challenges that threaten a successful and sustainable global HIV response.
  • We will organize a series of pop-up events during AIDS2018 participants around new ideas and opportunities for the global fight against HIV/AIDS.  Each pop-up will deal with a different topic, such as “Serious Gaming for HIV” and “Using data to map new HIV infections”, that fits the overall theme: If we apply the knowledge and tools available today— can we be smarter, better and more personalized?
  • On Tuesday 24 July, we will host a book launch titled: The Impatient Dr. Lange by Seema Yasmin at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Together with Seema Yasmin and other guests we will discuss what the impact of Joep Lange has been and how we can inspire the next generation and give them a stage.

A huge task lies ahead.  Even if we reach the goals of ending AIDS by 2030 still 40 million people will need to take their medicines every day.

At the Joep Lange Institute, we continue Joep Lange’s dream for inclusive healthcare. We stick to Joep’s motto that “nothing is impossible, especially the inevitable”.

So, is this it?  No, this is us at a new beginning.