We seek partnerships and collaborations to accelerate human development through innovations that strengthen systems for health and health financing.

Dr Christoph Benn,
Director Global Health Diplomacy

Based in Geneva, the JLI Center for Global Health Diplomacy team focuses on developing sustainable health financing models and advocate to secure financial and political commitment from donors, governments and other parties.
Global health diplomacy uses interactions and negotiations with multiple stakeholders, including governments and civil society, multilateral agencies, private and public donors, to promote international health goals.



Country Contributions to Global Public Goods for Health: Patterns, Prospects, and Futures

Financing global health is facing a difficult dilemma: funding needs for Global Public Goods for Health (GPGH) are growing every year but only a narrow band of donors are providing…

G20 India Presidency Agenda: Putting Data First

JLI director for Global Health Diplomacy Dr. Christoph attended the 1st Health Working Group meeting hosted by the Indian government as part of their G20 presidency in 2023. He was invited…

G20 Event Recap: Redesigning Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response

"I fully support the launch of a new Pandemic Fund to help making the world better prepared for future pandemics. JLI has been a proud partner in organizing the side…


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