Our vision is to connect everyone to healthcare with one click.

We know this is easier said than done. Without a bold vision, we’ll never make the progress we need for everyone, everywhere to get the healthcare they need.
To us, One Click represents:

One click means that JLI sees digital solutions and data as the new currency in health and healthcare.

One click refers to the lowest possible threshold JLI wishes to create for people in resource-poor settings to get access to healthcare.

One click implies that JLI supports the birth of a digitally connected community for health and healthcare, that enables epidemic preparedness and monitoring.

One click means that JLI is committed to build personal empowerment, to democratize health and healthcare, bottom-up to individuals in resource-limited settings.

One click refers to JLI supporting full transparency of health and healthcare data at marginal costs and with maximum privacy protection

One click symbolizes the JLI concept of a ‘third way’ in health data platforms: not the Silicon Valley, not the Chinese, but a European ‘National Care Bank’ approach

has made it possible for everyone to be reachable at ever lowering connection costs


1. Demonstrate the potential mobile technologies and data offers societies for better health coverage.

2. Spark debate by challenging conventional thinking and advocating innovative new solutions for more inclusive global health.

3. Become the platform where health policy shapers turn for inspiration, guidance and exchange.


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