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Time for Global Public Investment is a new report launched at the UN General Assembly in NY and co-authored by JLI Director Christoph Benn together with 50 other leading economists and global development experts. Dr. Benn also spoke at a roundtable hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative as Global Public Investment is emerging as one of the key innovative concepts to finance global common issues such as climate adaptation and pandemic preparedness.

The roundtable was attended by several senior political leaders and heads of international agencies such as the Global Fund, the Green Climate Fund, WHO, the World Bank and CEPI. JLI has been supporting this approach for several years.

As the world desperately needs to find new ways to finance global issues that can only be addressed through multilateral cooperation and the engagement of all countries around the world,  it is encouraging to see that GPI is now considered to be an idea whose time has come.

About Global Public Investment

The Expert Working Group on Global Public Investment (EWG-GPI) was established in October 2020 to deliberate on the key technical and political questions of GPI in order to produce a concrete proposal for its implementation.

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