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JLI and UNITE establish a partnership to promote a digital agenda for innovation with a particular focus on comprehensive health services for the most marginalized and vulnerable populations.


LISBON, PORTUGAL AND AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, (JUNE 25, 2020) – UNITE, the global parliamentarians network to end infectious diseases, and the Joep Lange Institute are proud and excited to announce new partnership.

As the world becomes much more digital and connected, there is an urgent need to maximize the ongoing digital transformation for progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). That is why both institutions are announcing a strong partnership to promote a digital agenda for innovation to promote comprehensive health services with a particular focus on the most marginalized and vulnerable populations. Together we will engage parliamentarians and other key actors to work towards a transformative effect on the delivery and accessibility of health services.

‘UNITE’s commitment in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 can only be possible if we bring everyone together. Reaching out to underserved populations by incorporating technology in health policies, means that we are democratising health and ensuring a fairer access to quality healthcare. Combining legislators and digital health is a step towards a sustainable future.’ Ricardo Baptista Leite MD, MP; Founder & President of UNITE.

‘The Centre for Global Health Diplomacy at the Joep Lange Institute is delighted to partner with UNITE on one of the most critical agendas of our time. UNITE brings to the partnership a unique network of parliamentarians from all around the world. Together with other partners from the public and private sector and a powerful civil society movement we can make sure that the digital transformation will lead to more equitable health services and protection from new and old threats to health and well-being.’ Christoph Benn MD, Director Global Health Diplomacy, Joep Lange Institute.

The two organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, confirming their commitment to working together on achieving common goals as well as attending and having a key role in international events, supporting the development of common programs.


UNITE is an independent, non-profit, global network of 123 members of parliament from 57 countries. UNITE is committed to ensuring that no life is limited by infectious disease through unified political advocacy. UNITE’s global network of parliamentarians is divided into 10 Regional Chapters, each chaired by a parliamentarian leading political impact in that region. For more information please visit

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