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The digital revolution is rapidly changing the world and will inevitably impact on global health. Risks need to be mitigated and opportunities leveraged. If done well, the digital revolution can help to dramatically scale up affordable health care delivery for all.

Representatives from the 3 civil society delegations to the Global Fund Board started the process of exploring the Fund’s potential role in using New Digital Technologies (NDTs) in achieving its goals. This was to support the delegation’s engagement in the development process of the Global Fund’s new strategy, and to inform their constituencies.

In this context two papers have been written by a consultant, Sara L.M. Davis, working with the delegation’s representatives as a Steering Group overseeing the process, which was financially and logistically supported by the Joep Lange Institute.

Click to read both papers:

Civil society has a critical role to play in pushing for responsible use of new digital (mobile) technologies that can help increasing access to health service while at the same time addressing human rights concerns related to privacy and data ownership.

Peter van RoojienBoard Member JLI

The Steering Group will continue working with the delegations when deemed helpful in supporting responsible use of new digital technologies by the Global Fund, and focus on Community-Led Monitoring systems and building mobile health financing platforms. The delegations have an important role to play in ensuring that key and vulnerable populations will benefit from responsible use of new digital (mobile) technologies in increasing access to health service delivery.

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