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JLI and UNITE establish a partnership to promote a digital agenda for innovation with a particular focus on comprehensive health services for the most marginalized and vulnerable populations.

The UNITE Global Summit: Virtual 2020 aims to commit, inspire, and empower policy makers towards the achievement of the UN SDGs over the next decade, while building a roadmap on clear policy actions to eliminate the threat posed by communicable diseases. This alignment of a common vision culminated in the signing of UNITE’s 2020 Declaration–calling on parliaments and governments to uphold the SDGs and their commitments to ending infectious diseases as a global health threat, in the midst and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

JLI’s Dr Christoph Benn participated on a panel discussion on “How can innovation aid the global health response?  Covid-19 and beyond?”  You can watch below:


UNITE is an independent, non-profit, global network of 123 members of parliament from 57 countries. UNITE is committed to ensuring that no life is limited by infectious disease through unified political advocacy. UNITE’s global network of parliamentarians is divided into 10 Regional Chapters, each chaired by a parliamentarian leading political impact in that region. For more information please visit

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