“The Joep Lange Institute strongly endorses the Health Data Governance Principles developed by Transform Health and commits to embody the principles of equitable governance of health data in the policies, processes and advocacy efforts guiding our international development work.”

Christoph Benn,
Director of Global Health Diplomacy

Transform Health announced the launch of the Health Data Governance Principles – to maximize the public value of health data whilst protecting individual rights. This World Health Day, they call for a global health data governance framework, underpinned by the human rights-based Health Data Governance Principles, and The Joep Lange Institute is proud to support this initiative.

The need for stronger health data governance has never been greater. Digitalization is increasing the availability of data which can be used by practitioners, policymakers and individuals to improve personal and public health. However, the benefits of health data and health-related data are yet not being fully harnessed to accelerate progress towards universal health coverage (UHC) for all. Weak governance of health data also risks exacerbating health inequities, perpetuating bias and discrimination towards marginalized communities and undermining individual health and human rights.