On October 2020, The Expert Working Group on Global Public Investment (EWG-GPI) was brought together to provide expert guidance and input into the ongoing conceptualizing of GPI to ensure the approach is technically feasible and politically viable.

Since then, the EWG-GPI includes representatives from across the political spectrum, from all the world’s major regions, from national government agencies, non-governmental organizations, policy makers and community activists, and multilateral bodies – including UN agencies and philanthropic foundations.  JLI’s own Director of Health Diplomacy, Dr Christoph Benn is on the Steering Committee.

The Report on Progress outlines the Expert Working Group’s advances to date on the road to GPI. It is informed by eight months of analysis and deliberations.

In the last few years, a growing number of experts, organizations and governments have signaled their support for GPI. In recent months alone, a series of international panels and leaders have called for a system like GPI.

Also attached is a summary of the Report on Progress which is called GPI in Numbers which is a useful briefing document that helps to summarize and communicate the Report on Progress and offers a good guide to how to engage in the consultation.

This progress report is only the beginning– in keeping with the philosophy of the GPI approach, the global public must continue to shape the way GPI is developed. Much more is to come.

Read the reports below.

GPI Steering Committee

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