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At the World Health Summit 2022, a new report by Transform Health was launched. It lays out six key recommendations for governments and international funders to effectively channel investments in low and middle-income countries to digitally transform health systems.

Closing the digital divide: More and better funding for the digital transformation of health. 

This report has been developed by Transform Health, with the support of its partners PATH and Joep Lange Institute, and with research contributions from regional networks and the Young Experts: Tech 4 Health. It was guided by Transform Health’s Resource and Investment Circle and a dedicated global group called the Global Research Consortium that was established to contribute to the development of the conceptual framework.The Global Research Consortium brought together regional and global partners and young people from around the world.

Estimated US$2.5 billion is needed each year for five years, in nine identified priority investment areas, to digitalize health systems in low- and middle-income countries and accelerate progress towards the goal of Universal Health Coverage by 2030.

The report lays out six key recommendations for national governments, corporates, and international donors to increase and improve investments towards building digitally-enabled health systems that improve health outcomes for all.

It calls for:

  • More investment from domestic and international sources
  • Better coordinated investments, aligned with national priorities
  • Costed national digital health strategies and investment road maps to guide transformation
  • Robust regulatory frameworks and policy environments in countries
  • Mechanisms for meaningful multi-stakeholder engagement in the digital transformation process, including civil society and marginalized communities
  • Improved digital connectivity, including coverage gaps, affordability and digital literacy

See the infographic for current global challenges in the funding landscape and the six key recommendations of the report.

Download the full report and Executive Summary

About the Transform Health Coalition
Transform Health was formed in 2019 by seven organizations who saw the need for a concernted long-term effort to harness the transformative benefits of digital technology and data to expand primary healthcare and achieve the SDG target of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030.

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