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Community development and engagement

Understand behaviors and experiment with interventions that encourage people to lead healthier lives

Community development and engagement

Behavioral research on M-TIBA

A collaboration between JLI and behavioral scientists from the Center for Advanced Hindsight under supervision of behavioral economist Dan Ariely – Research into decision making and how to improve this in light of health management.

Dan Ariely and his team from CAH have been engaged in multiple concrete implementation research projects in Kenya with JLI’s partner organizations PharmAccess and CarePay. They are working to help make the M-Tiba health wallet more effective by discovering ways to encourage users to set funds aside for healthcare and health insurance. Making use of behavioral economic
theory the team has carried out numerous tests amongst both the clients using M-Tiba as well as the participating health facilities. These tests have helped to better understand the M-Tiba customer in their health seeking behavior and in their willingness to pay and save for healthcare. For example, one of the interventions, practicing savings four times while being enrolled onto the platform, increased the odds of saving from 1.6 to 5.3 times within the first 90 days after the intervention compared to those who did not practice. Furthermore, Dan is also one of the chairs in our Chair Fellows program and a friend/influencer of JLI.

CAH, Dan Ariely


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