JLI joined the call to G20 leaders to include “healthy recovery” in their Covid-19 plans.

We are currently witnessing first hand how fragile communities are when their health, food security and freedom to work are interrupted by a common threat. The layers of this ongoing tragedy are many, and magnified by inequality and underinvestment in public health systems. We have witnessed death, disease and mental distress at levels not seen for decades.

These effects could have been partially mitigated, or possibly even prevented by adequate investments in pandemic preparedness, public health and environmental stewardship. We must learn from these mistakes and come back stronger, healthier and more resilient.

An initiative from the Global Climate and Health Alliance has sent a letter to all G20 leaders to focus on #health recovery in their Covid-19 plans.

The letter is calling on leaders to deliver plans that put us on a path to a healthier world, with strong health systems, clean air and water and a more stable climate.

We hope our leaders will take upon this initiative for positive change cooperatively. This crisis taught us we are really in it together so to secure a better future we need to move forward with international solidarity.
JLI is proud to sign and support this initiative.