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Take control of your health data

With our National Health Platform, we will empower individuals to manage their data while creating transparency within the health system.


European commission funds €12 MILLION Health Data Project


Health data film series

Find out what how people think about their personal health data.


We are an international institute that promotes and facilitates innovative models in global health. We aspire to be a trusted partner that influences policy and shapes future directions that benefit everyone.



Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate human development through innovations that strengthen systems for health and health financing.
We know the scale of our ambition and defined 3 key focus areas to help us get there.

Using data in health to benefit society

Finding inclusive health financing models

Putting people in control of their own health needs

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“Our health data is personal and we have rights to our property. Sharing is essential to maximize individual and societal benefits but we must be in conrol to decide what we do with it”.

Michiel Heidenrijk, Board Member Joep Lange Institute

Center for Health Diplomacy

Our JLI Center for Global Health Diplomacy team focuses on developing sustainable health financing models while also advocating to secure financial and political commitment from donors, governments and other parties.

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Daring ideas need space to develop. This drives JLI and makes us push where others won’t and don’t. We believe pragmatism, science and activism should be combined: we need to be confrontational and convincing at the same time, by displaying evidence from practice and research.

Health Data Film Series

We took to the street to hear what people think about their own health data

Call for a National Health Data Plan

There is a clear need for a digital strategy for healthcare, which improves its management, and can make healthcare smarter, cheaper and more personal. Learn more about what JLI is doing to contribute to empower individuals to take control of their own data property rights.

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