The JLI Center for Global Health Diplomacy in Geneva is working together with other partners, including Fondation Botnar, WHO, the Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to establish a new international research collaborative to be based in Geneva. It should become a neutral cross-national platform focused on Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence for health.

The role of the Coalition is to:

  • Develop a common research agenda/launch global collaborations on Digital Health/Artificial Intelligence for health
  • Define, develop and share global public goods, such as standards and benchmarks for quality of data sets and Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Pool strengths across regions and domains, build human capacity and address as a “brain trust” a range of critical concerns and enablers, including technical, legal, human rights, and other governance aspects

The launch of the new research collaborative is planned for 2021. JLI has been asked to support this process, by facilitating outreach to new partners and potential donors.


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