Touching article by Max Lange about his father Joep - Joep Lange Institute

Touching article by Max Lange about his father Joep

"My contribution to the Joep Lange Institute is a tribute to him."

Dutch current affairs magazine Vrij Nederland has published a lengthy article by Joep Lange’s son Max.

The article describes Max’ journey to find answers about his father, the AIDS professor Joep Lange, himself and the African content. About the latter he writes, “I’m much more optimistic about Africa now.” The article interlaces personal stories from his childhood and the loss of Joep and Jacqueline with his current work. This includes working with the Joep Lange Institute on a documentary on the mobile revolution in Kenya.

– Vrij Nederland: Read the full article (in Dutch) here. Read the English translation here.

– LinkedIn: Max has recently published his first blog as part of the development of this documentary. Read it here.


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