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Health Diplomacy

A message from Dr Christoph Benn on World AIDS Day 2020

World AIDS Day has been commemorated on December 1 since 1988 but this year is clearly a very special occasion given the dual pandemics of HIV and Sars-CoV-2. UNAIDS has…

JLI’s Dr Tobias Rinke de Wit on NTR: ATLAS: Covid-19 in Africa

Last week Prof Tobias Rinke de Wit, Director Research JLI, was on Dutch television program NTR: Atlas discussing his ongoing COVID-19 work in Africa. When the epidemic emerged on the…

Dr Tobias Rinke de Wit in the Volkskrant: “As long as there is Corona in Africa, the whole world is at risk”

The COVID situation in Africa deserves more attention. Even though symptoms of the disease are less severe, the continent will be struck by continued economic and social isolation. Viruses will…
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Health Diplomacy
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