Workshop – A Healthier Wealthier Africa: Behavioral Science, Digital Innovation, and Beyond

8 August 2018

The workshop speakers bring a range of experiences in entrepreneurship, academia, experimental design and change leadership. These experts will explore what better behaviorally informed solutions for financial inclusion, wellness and poverty alleviation can look like now and in the future. It is organized by the Centre for Advanced Hindsight, Duke University, Joep Lange Institute, and the Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute (AHTI)

Date: Wednesday August 8, 2018
Venue: Strathmore University, Microsoft Auditorium, STMB, Nairobi, Kenya

The workshop will kick off with a teaser of behavioral biases in action, before a quick introduction featuring some ‘friends of behavioral science’ in the audience, and then moving into a richer exploration of themes through talks.

Key Speakers at Workshop

Ting Jiang – Can behavioral science save lives?
Alex Royea – Using bots and tech to scale mental health solutions
David Clarance – Practical realities of the day to day of experimental design
Laurens van Hoorn – Innovate health apps in the Netherlands

What is Friends of Behavioral science?

We want to connect and build dialogue in the community about how people are using, or could be using even small behavioral science approaches day to day, in improving their impact at work.

As a starting point we want to help connect and support the incredible community of people doing interest work that already exists here in Kenya and across the continent.

We are at the beginning of building this community, so If you are doing work to innovate in your space, you are building solutions or new models for existing problems, you are helping scale impact, or you are working in some way with behavioral science at a small or large scale, we want to know about you!

Who are our key speakers?

Ting Jiang
Ting Jiang, Ph.D. is Principal of Global Health and Development at Center for Advanced Hindsight, a behavioral science lab at Duke University led by Dan Ariely, researching and designing interventions and products for behavioral change. She has consulted for a diverse organizations including the World Bank (on the World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society and Behavior), Gates Foundation (on behavioral change around exclusive breastfeeding), and the Department for International Development of the UK government (on integrating social norm and behavioral insights in effective programming). In Kenya, she has conducted field studies and designing product solutions to help low-income Kenyans save more regularly for health in M-TIBA, with support from the Joep Lange Institute.

Alex Royea
Alex is the cofounder of Amka, a digital mental health company based in Nairobi using machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve therapy and personalise treatment. Originally from San Francisco, after completing his undergraduate in Psychology Alex spent some time in Silicon Valley working at LinkedIn and helping lead various mission-driven early-stage companies before making the leap to East Africa in 2016. Alex is excited about the potential that work at the frontiers of mixing empathy and data in product development has for impacting global communities.

David Clarance
David is Senior Data Scientist and runs Experiment Design and Evaluation at M-Kopa where he applies behavioural and data science to building strong investigative systems that can support scaling energy access to households across Africa. Prior to this David was a Director at Busara Center for Behavioural Economics here in Nairobi, where he led Busara’s research lab, research design and implementation. David co-created Kenya’s first Cognitive Reflection Test and conceptualised, led and developed a Mobile Sensing program, a big data-for-good effort to map economic, health and social outcomes in hard to reach communities using Android sensor data. Prior to this, David worked on modeling norm creation and spread in hierarchical social networks at Tata Research, India. In his spare time, David can be found birding, reading about birds, or traveling to places that have interesting birds.

Laurens Van Hoorn
Laurens van hoorn is the Managing Director of the Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute which works to improve urban health and healthcare in Amsterdam and the rest of the world by connecting people, technology and medical knowledge through innovation and entrepreneurship. Laurens is an internationally experienced change leader and business creator. In addition to being AHTI’s MD, Laurens is also Director of AHTI’s incubator program, sits on the board of CoolSculpting Kliniek, an innovative medical practice company, and previously co-founded Tom Kabinet, an ebook web platform.