International AIDS Economics Network pre-conference

July 20 2018

July 20 and 21, the International AIDS Economics Network will host its 10th pre-conference for AIDS2018. Here, they will focus on the necessary economic steps that are required to effectively fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The agenda will be determined, in part, by the abstracts received by the economic researchers (most of whom will be from developing countries) to the IAEN Call for Abstracts.

Focus on efficiency will put emphasis on allocative and technical efficiencies across the prevention and treatment cascade, innovations in delivery methods and technology that optimize resource utilization, including economics of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), new technologies in the areas of male circumcision, HIV testing, and AIDS treatment.

Speakers and sessions will explore effective ways to share country experiences of new forms of funding of the HIV and AIDS response, effective options to address donor dependency and interface with health financing strategies. Participants will be encouraged to interrogate the benefits of HIV integration in the UHC as an essential part, but only part of the answer in terms of improving HIV program sustainability, HIV integration in health insurance, between sectors and other mechanisms.

The Conference will include a mix of plenary, round table, and parallel sessions with approximately 200 experts and policy makers on public, HIV, and health finance, from low and middle-income countries, representatives from partner organizations, including bi-and multi-lateral institutions, civil society organizations, think tanks, and academia.

This pre-conference is free for anyone to attend, however registration is required. You can sign up here, more information can be found on their website