Consultation on the Civil Society Advocacy beyond the UHC HLM

22 September 2019

On September 23, the UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) will take place in NY. It is a major event for the international health community. Many civil society organizations have been supporting the long process towards this summit. Several Civil Society representatives from our network have been contributing to the preparations for the summit and the declaration as members of the UHC 2030 steering group. However, CS reflection and advocacy will not end with the adoption of the UHC declaration on September 23. We will jointly need to work towards the full implementation of UHC particularly for the most vulnerable and the billions of people who are still lacking adequate access to health services in spite of all the best intentions. We need to reflect together what the priorities and focus for our joint advocacy should be for the years beyond 2019, whether we have the right ideas, tools and networks to make UHC a reality for all in need.

When:  Sunday, September 22, 08.00-9.30

Where:  Roosevelt Hotel, Broadway Suite

In partnership with:  Joep Lange Institute | Action for Global Health UK | Global Health Council | WACI Health | APCASO