Book presentation by Dr. Michael Merson: “The AIDS Pandemic: Searching for a Global Response”

July 25 2018

On July 25th at 10AM in the Global Village, Dr. Michael Merson will discuss his recent book, “The AIDS Pandemic: Searching for a Global Response”, during the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. Dr. Merson will present key findings from his book, which recounts the global response to the AIDS pandemic from its first discovery in 1981 to today. He will discuss how decisions made at the global level shaped the course of the pandemic, and what the history of AIDS can teach us about the current course of the disease, global health governance, and confronting global pandemics.

The presentation is held in the Global Village Theatre at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center. There shall be room for discussion and questions during the session, and copies of the book will be available to those who attend. Dr. Merson is former director of the World Health Organization’s Global Programme on AIDS and founding director of the Duke University Global Health Institute.