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Dr. Christoph Benn @ World Health Summit

The World Health Summit, one of the biggest Global Health events took place in Berlin 27 - 29 October. Our JLI Director for Global Health Diplomacy Dr. Christoph Benn is also a board member of the Summit and played an active role at various conference events.
Christoph Benn at the World Health Summit

Digital solutions for Universal Health Coverage was one of the central themes highlighted by the launch of the Lancet/Financial Times Commission on Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence called “Governing Health Futures: Growing Up in a digital world”.

German minister of Health Jens Spahn opened the 11th edition of the conference that was held under the patronage of German Chancellor Merkel, French president Macron and EU president Junker.Over 2500 people from all across the world came together to share the latest research, ideas and their vision on how to address global health challenges. Attendees included politicians, heads of business, scientists and representatives for civil society.  

There was much excitement about The Lancet/FT commission. This commission will produce a report by 2021 that aims to address the disconnect between technology developers and the global health community discussing legal and ethical frameworks for the use of digital tools and data in healthcare. This is a really exciting development and we’re fortunate to have direct engagement as Njide Ndili, Nigerian country director of our partner organization Pharmaccess has been appointed Commissioner of Digital Health.

Dr. Christoph Benn was a panel member at a symposium about “Life-Saving Power of Mobile Technology”. With his experience at the Global Fund and his large network within the health community, he brought together representatives from international and German civil society to discuss the future of Universal Health Coverage. He also organized an event where experts in digital health solutions, government representatives and members of the Lancet/FT commission exchanged experiences and shared examples of country implementation including Monique Dolfing-Vogelenzang, the CEO of our partner organization Pharmaccess.


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