By providing transparency, accountability and direct access to end-users, digital technology can bring healthcare to new groups. Data can power reduced transaction costs at an unprecedented scale and pace.

We can bring healthcare within reach of people who, until now, were structurally excluded from the system. It can be done more efficiently, with strongly reduced transaction costs, at an unprecedented scale and pace.

Digital technology can help solve one of the major complications in healthcare markets: the division between the beneficiary, the decision maker, and the payer of a transaction (in healthcare: a test, a treatment). It can create a bridge between improvements at the systems level, and change in how individual interactions take place between medical professionals and patients.

Much of the work of the Joep Lange Institute is associated with M-TIBA – Africa’s digital platform for inclusive healthcare. It was founded by PharmAccess, Safaricom and CarePay. M-TIBA directly connects patients, healthcare providers and healthcare payers (insurers, donors), and exchanges money and data between them.

M-TIBA empowers consumers. But it also improves financial protection, generates local and international financing for health, and supports a better quality of care.